Direct2 Text is a leading provider of SMS Text Marketing solutions to SMBs.  SMS Mobile marketing in NJ is the key to building your business.  Here are some applications:




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Direct2 Text is a Text Message Marketing Provider for small and medium sized businesses.  Mobile Marketing is the next generation marketing tool used to increase company presence and revenue by utilizing SMS (Short Message Service - text message) function available on all mobile devices.  With more than 250 million mobile users in the US, Text Marketing is a perfect marketing medium.  Daily, mobile users are utilizing their mobile devices more than PCs or laptops.  Mobile users are also sending text messages 5x more than making calls.  Mobile marketing is not the future, it is NOW.


Our Text Marketing platform allows for the most common marketing application called TEXT-2-JOIN.  This is an opt-in service that allows clients and customers to subscribe to a marketing program using SMS.  


What makes this different from email?  Portability and relativity.  When you send a Text Marketing promotion to a database that WANTS to receive information from you, there is almost a 95% chance it will be opened.  And once it’s opened, it’s viewed and stored in the device making it available anytime and anywhere the user goes.  


When is this advantageous for a business?  A promotion can be redeemed at anytime without having to open an email program and use a printer.  No need to search the newspaper or coupon book to cut the paper coupon.  Any last minute plans change in plans allows you to alert all subscribers can be immediately and simultaneously.  Headline news or announcements can be sent directly with details in a web link.  


Why not wait to use Text Marketing?  You wouldn’t.  The sooner you start, the bigger the advantage you have over your competitors.  


Other popular applications are TEXT-2-WIN, TEXT-2-VOTE, and TEXT-4-INFO.  All these of course are just creative vehicles to interact with your customers and clients with the ultimate goal of getting them to opt-in to your database.  


Integrating SMS Text Marketing with your current advertising or marketing initiatives will greatly increase the effectiveness of your marketing.  As a complete solution Text Marketing provider, our platform allows you to create your own QR (Quick Response) codes or 2D barcodes, simultaneously update your Facebook and Twitter accounts, create unlimited mobile sites, create web scripts for your website(s), and schedule outgoing messages with our calendar.  


Bottom line, this Text Marketing service allows you to be proactive and more targeted with your marketing.  Get started today!